The Team


Sade Swift, Founder

Sade (also goes by De - pronounced day) is a queer Afro Dominican freedom fighter and creative, who was born and raised in Washington Heights and resides in the Bronx. She creates handmade crafts that bring love, joy and creativity into the world. Creating art is an act of resistance for her and she believes that as a womxn of color it is important to continue to create in a world that does everything in it's power to stop her!


Azizi Curtis, Creative Director

 Azizi Curtis, is a thick black man that has positioned himself to be a powerful, authentic and courageous leader. He uses his gift of photography, along with his energy and past experiences to capture the beauty and essence of life; to ensure that everyone on this planet realizes that they are a gift. Through Cards by Dé he is able to support in providing freedom of expression through art where one can release fear, guilt, shame and anything else that is holding someone back from being who they are meant to be.